Music is an important part of our worship

Music adds a much valued part to our worship and we welcome new members.


Our Band: On the First Sunday of the month St Mary’s is very privileged to worship with a live band.

The Band members include all ages, abilities and instruments. We rehearse on the Saturday before the First Sunday, 4pm at St Mary’s, and always welcome new members or visiting players.

Our music ranges from the songs we play for the service to popular music after the service.  Some of our pieces include, Sister Act-  we will follow him, When I’m 64, the Beatles, Morecambe and Wises’ Bring me Sunshine, Porgy and Bess – Summertime Monty Pythons Always Look on the Brightside,  to name a few.  We are currently expanding our repertoire rehearsing new pieces and any requests are welcome.

The music is arranged by our Musical Director, and distributed to all members prior to rehearsal. Instruments include: the organ, which is a task in itself for the organist watching the conductor thro’ the mirror, violins, alto and tenor sax, electric guitar, treble recorder, bassoon and keyboard. We have welcomed guest cellos, oboe, clarinet, flute and accordion to name a few. Currently we have 10 regular players.

We are a very relaxed group and aim to accommodate all standards of players from beginners who have never played in a group before, mentoring our organists as they take the post through to leaving for University etc., to very experienced players. We have encouraged drummers and been lucky enough to have some very talented young people play with us. Although we encourage everyone to attend rehearsal on the Saturday we are very relaxed about this to accommodate the needs of the players.

Band members, past and present have for several years now have provided music for the Winterburn  Polytunnel Carol Service in December. This has been an experience on occasions, as players will tell you, from icicles dropping off the end of the recorder, to the sax players fingers freezing to the brass, cheese with the Xmas cake freezing solid, or raiding Irene’s clothes pegs to hold the music on the stands in the gales! We have also played at the village hall as part of an evening of entertainment.

Rehearsal can be entertaining as we are all in it together, remembering how many times we played a song is the conductors challenge! The aim is to enjoy making music.

If anyone fancies coming along with an instrument and having a play with us, all will be welcome.  We just need to know what instrument you play and a little bit about the standard you play so we can arrange music for you. Ring me on 01756 790392 if you would be interested.

Come along and listen or play with us. We will be very pleased to see you.

Yvonne Cleminson   (Arranger and Director) Phone: 01756 790392


We are fortunte to enjoy the services of several organists especially John Midgley and Edward Scott.