The Story so far:


30 September: Diocesan webinar about the Rural Communities Energy Fund, with Alan Millar from Tees Valley (the regional RCEF administrators).

October: Establishment of the Towards Carbon Neutral Churches in Craven group, start of research into similar schemes. 

November: Report to PCCs, with a statement of purpose of the group and authorisation to prepare a bid to RCEF.

November/December: Meetings with Locogen and Arup, consultant engineers with experience in RCEF-funded projects. 

December: Discussion with Alan Millar about our draft bid.  Learned that we now needed to get 3 tenders (the Tees Valley approved consultants having reached their quota).  Start of preparation of Invitation to Tender document, to be added to bid (and used as a basis for our Invitation to Tender if successful)

December: Discussion with Barningham Net Zero project founders, recipients of RCEF grant.


January: consultations with Parish Councils, congregations, local and national bodies (including the Diocese of Leeds, Craven District Council, Yorkshire Dales National Park, Barningham Net Zero and the Victorian Society).  Request for letters of support to accompany the funding bid.  Documents and photographs from each church collected in One Drive to accompany the bid.  Consideration of options for obtaining funding for installations, to be included in the bid.

January: Decided not to include vicarages in the bid.  To include a Risk Assessment.  Also include VAT in bid as not sure if the Listed Places of Worship VAT reclamation scheme would continue.

January: final meeting with Alan Millar at Tees Valley before submission of bid.  Draft bid sent to incumbents and PCCs.  Bid also sent to Jemima Parker, Diocesan Environment Officer.

January: Webpage about the project, hosted on St Mary's Embsay with Eastby website.

01/02/21 Deadline for submission of bid to Rural Communities Energy Fund (bid submitted 25/01/21)

February: establishment of sub-groups - Tender, Publicity, Launch service.

February/March: report to PCC about submission of the bid and the group's intention to continue with investigations even if not successful in obtaining RCEF funding.

18/03/21 RCEF Board decision to support the TCNCC project

Late March: report to PCCs to confirm that the bid had been approved and that the group would continue to manage the project.

April: meeting with Alan Millar to discuss project dates and Invitation to Tender document.

April: adoption of a project logo, design donated by Abbie Wagstaff.

12/04/21 Invitations to Tender sent out to interested companies, with an application deadline of 30 April.

25/04/21 Funding Agreement with RCEF/ Tees Valley signed by Revd Canon Marion Russell during the morning service at St Mary's Embsay with Eastby.

02/05/21 Project launch service: Climate Sunday service at Holy Trinity Skipton, with the Bishop of Ripon, the Rt Revd Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, and representatives from the 5 churches.  Broadcast live on Drystone Radio.

06/05/21 Project featured on Diocesan website

Other project launch Climate Sunday services are being planned for the other churches in the group:

09/05/21 Draughton Climate Sunday service

22/05/21 Project Exhibition at St Mary's, Carleton, as part of launch events

26/05/21 Project initiation meeting with engineers from Locogen, via zoom

06/06/21   Burton in Lonsdale: Climate Sunday service and project exhibition

27/06/21 St Mary's Embsay with Eastby: Climate Sunday service and project launch: 9.30am in church and 4.00pm in the church grounds with a picnic



End of Phase 1 meeting with Locogen team, to discuss progress to Phase 2

Phase 2 has included site visits by the Locogen consultant engineers to all of the 5 churches in the project:

We have also been making a film about the project, as part of our dissemination plan:

Two members of the group were interviewed in October 2021 by Hubbub, communications consultants to Craven District Council who are working on a decarbonisation plan.

Launch of the project video on Youtube: 20 December 2021 and the video is now available to view (click on the image):

The project was featured in an article in the Yorkshire Post on 18 December 2021:

The launch of the video was publicised in the Embsay and Eastby Post:

January 2022
We have applied for Stage 2 funding from the Rural Communities Energy Fund.  We will hear if we have been successful in mid Feburary.

25 January
National webinar, hosted by the Church of England and the Diocese of Leeds, to disseminate findings from the project.

28 January
TCNCC representative made a presentation at Craven District Council's online community event 'Zero Carbon Craven,' hosted by Hubbub.

February 2022

19 February
Community event in Draughton Village Hall.